Our fighting captains


Instructor of the beginner course

Luuk has been a Kaizen instructor for almost 5 years now. His beginner course is a must see for anyone interested in the amazing sport and who want to learn from the best.


Striking coach

Bart has over 10 years experience in the field of Martial Arts. With many years of experience as a bouncer, he knows all the ins and outs for techniques that work.


Grappling coach

When Mees started as a student at Kaizen 4 years ago, he had already attained a black belt in Judo. In the following years he developed his skill set to become our main grappling instructor.

The Kaizen Board

Kaizen is continuous learning. Aside from enhancing your MMA skills, we also offer board member roles. Every year the roles of the board members are passed on and a new baord is formed. An extra learning opportunity for every Kaizen member.


Toques, bandages, mouth pieces and the Official Kaizen hoodie. All for sale during training. Just ask the board members!

Mouth pieces